This blog is by Esther Czekalski, loosely focused on Information Security.

Since starting on the Help Desk with a fresh and shiny MBA at the now-defunct Zenith Data Systems in the mid-80s, my career has been a mix of technology and business.  Favorite jobs have been where those disciplines meet. That focus took me from managing the first network at ZDS, to work in several different jobs dedicated to Information Security.  I earned CISSP status in 2000 and never looked back.

When I left my last corporate position in InfoSec, there was no intention to walk away from the hard-won knowledge and experience that brought me here.  But I wanted to try new approaches, work with other tools.  The last year has been spent on a work of fiction, a novel about a hack that’s just now, in early 2016, going through a critique process with friends, family and a local writers group.

The transition from business writing, exposition, to story-telling through scenes, characters and dialogue is fun but challenging.  It’s a work in process and readers and comments will help.  The posts I’m working on now vary from short works of fiction to pieces of opinion and incitement.

Let’s see where it goes from here.